We all know that 50 Cent loves to poke fun at rappers on his Instagram account. His latest target on the ‘Gram is none other than the up-and-coming DreamDoll.

On Tuesday (Dec. 18), the Bronx rapper went on her IG account and posted surveillance footage of herself tumbling to the ground while wearing some fancy Balenciaga Crocs. Apparently, the Life In Plastic 2 MC was in a meeting with 50 and his associates and when she got up to leave, she stumbled and fell to the floor.

Of course, 50 had to clown the DreamDoll for her embarrassing moment. The Power creator posted a few hilarious memes related to DreamDoll wearing 4-inch-heeled Crocs.

But in 50’s defense, he did help her get up, and she wasn’t injured from the fall. But it looks like she might return the shoes because they are hazardous to her feet. “I need my coins back [Balenciaga],” she wrote on her IG page.

As for 50 Cent, he's been helping out other rappers with their relationship problems on Instagram. Recently, he reached out to Cardi B and encouraged her to forgive Offset and not divorce him.

"That's a cute outfit but you gotta go home...that boy love you girl," the G-Unit leader wrote on IG, and added, "No Divorce, ok chill out."

In the meantime, check out DreamDoll’s unfortunate fall and 50 Cent clowning her on IG below.

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