Even though he's notorious for sparking beefs and barking on foes, 50 Cent has a huge philanthropic side when it comes to helping families during the holiday season.

In a CNN segment, titled 'From Hip Hop to Hunger,' the 'Animal Ambition' creator stopped by a New York food bank to serve meals to needy families as part of his mission to end hunger in the U.S.

Fiddy passed out food and talked about his own upbringing, but admitted that a lot of kids today have it much rougher than he did growing up.

"I had it pretty rough but not to the point where there wasn't something to eat," he explained. "But now I'm seeing a lot of kids that have even tougher stories than what I experienced. Feeding America, it's the best charitable organization to be a part of if hunger is your cause. When you look at hunger itself, it takes so much to solve it. The only place I see enough finances to do it is in business itself."

Along with being the organization's celebrity spokesman, 50 is also contributing major dollars through his SMS audio company. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of SMS headphones will go to provide 250 meals to both individuals and families.

Besides New York, Feeding America has over 200 other food banks across the nation. The organization manages to feed nearly 50 million people each year. You can learn more about their mission statement by visiting their official website.

Props to 50 Cent for his charitable efforts during the holiday season.

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