I'm sure you've heard the slogan, " You learn something new every day?" Well, that's exactly what this post is all about. Just when you thought you knew are there is to know about something, you find out, you really didn't know much at all.

Here is a list of ordinary things with little-known extraordinary facts, most of us didn't know about.

1.) Deaf People Sign In Their Sleep.

Interesting isn't it? It's not that hard to believe considering many people talk in their sleep. After all, signing is talking. A 2017 BBC Science Focus Study, Do Deaf People Do Sign Language In Their Sleep? proved that the language we speak during the day carries over into our sleeping time.


2.) Animals Can Have Allergic Reactions To People.

Yes! Just as humans can have hair or fur allergies with pets, according to an article in the National Geographic dogs can be allergic to people dander and cat dander as well. Pets can also have severe allergies to pollen just like humans.


3.) More Than Half The Human Body 

Prof Rob Knight, from the University of California San Diego, says "You're more microbe than you are human." Prof Knight said all the bathing in the world can't remove the microscopic creatures living on our bodies such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. They are especially concentrated where the sun doesn't shine such as our bowels.


4.) The Blue Whale's Tongue Can Weigh As Much As A Baby Elephant 

This incredible giant of the sea has a big heart. National Geographic did a segment on the largest animals on Earth and the blue whale was one of the main stars. Known to be highly intelligent and gentle, the majestic animal is massive. With a tongue the size of an elephant and a heart the size of a small car!


5.) Headphones Increase Bacteria In Your Ears.

Do you wear earbuds or headphones often? Are you prone to ear infections? I hate to break it to you, but your ear problems may be caused by these devices. The experts at ENT Wearing say bacteria can increase up to 700 times in your ears after wearing headphones for just an hour with headphones for just an hour!


6.) Dolphins Call Each Other By Name.

It's a known fact that dolphins are very smart. But, most people have no idea of how intelligent they truly are. Would you believe they actually give each other names? It's true! The experts at NPR conducted a research study that revealed the funny sound they make is how they talk or call each other by name.

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