6ix9ine is already chest deep in legal issues. Now video has surfaced that seems to imply the rapper was involved in more nefarious dealings, specifically claiming he'd put a hit out on Tadoe.

On Friday morning (Nov. 23), TMZ posted leaked footage of a heated FaceTime conversation between Tekashi and Tadoe who were beefing heavy back in the spring. In the clip, the rappers argue via phone while someone is taping the interaction.

"When's the last time you shot?" 6ix questions. "Who's the last person you shot. I know you, blood."

Tadoe counters but his words are hard to make out. Tekashi continues to troll. "You not hot," he adds. "You ain't sell no records. What you mean, you hot?"

When 6ix9ine has had enough, he passes the phone off before appearing to claim he is willing to put a sizeable amount of money on the rapper's head. "I got a 30 pack on him, right now, Blood. Thirty pack. Swear to God I got a 30 pack. Thirty-thou cash, right now," 6ix9ine brags.

According to the celebrity gossip site, the video was taken in May. The same month, 6ix9ine and Tadoe were engaged in beef after Tadoe was accused of assaulting then girlfriend Cuban Doll after her and 6ix appeared to flirt in an Instagram video. Cuban Doll appears to be in the background in the leaked video.

The timing of the video also comes around the time Chief Keef, Tadoe and crew were shot at outside of a hotel in New York City. Following the incident, 6ix9ine denied involvement.

Check out the video that appears to show 6ix9ine ordering a hit on Tadoe below.

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