I remember the first time I heard "Mr. Big" from a group 8 Ball and MJG from Memphis, Tennessee. They have had over eight albums since their first debut in 1993 with "Comin Out Hard". There style was unique and I had never hard anything with the content that they were speaking of from somebody from the south.

I had heard talk about pimping, but most of it came from Too Short and he was from California. 8 Ball and MJG would release solo albums individually before deciding to get back together and drop what some are saying is their last album.

The album is called "Classic Pimpin" and it is what I believe is the first ever live album from a hip hop duo. It features all of the classics like "Mr. Big", "Pimp Harder" and "Space Age Pimpin", but there is a bonus track as well produced by Texas producer Cory Mo. The song is called "Take A Picture" and while I would have loved to see a reunion with Suave House producer T- Mixx, the track does not disappoint.

Peep out the video below and check out the low riding song for "Take A Picture". The album is available now everywhere and the quality is something that we have grown to love from the Orange Mound veterans.


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