Earlier this week I got the call from my brother that my mother had taken ill. Unfortunately this has been common for the family over the past few years. This past October my mother and oldest brother were in the hospital around the same time and right before Christmas I lost my brother to a Heart Attack.

So I am sure you can tell that things are a little on edge with my family. Well when I got the call I immediately started making plans to visit and see how she is doing. I had checked on her since last Thursday which is generally the day that I call and check in with her.

I spoke with one of my other brothers and he mentioned that the doctor said that she had been dehydrated which made me do a little research on dehydrating and look up the signs. The symptoms of dehydration tend to run heavily with athletes, senior citizens and people at higher altitudes. Below are some signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to dehydration.

Dark Urine

Dry Mouth


Weakness in muscles

headache and dizziness.

What's odd is that my mother has been dealing with dizzy spells for about a year now. She has had MRI's done on her brain and thankfully there were no immediate distractions. However she is not a big water drinker and the way the weather gets and has been. It is a must that people drink water. It is especially important to  and monitor our older parents and grandparents and make sure that they are getting the proper amount of water intake for their body.

I like to equate it to making sure the fluids are good in your car. If all is well then that car is good for years to come. We have to take those same precautions for our body. My mom is doing better, but I am well aware that it won't happen overnight. Of course we are a praying family and I know that she will be healed sooner then later.

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