Rihanna has gotten a lot of backlash ever since her hit single "S&M' came out.  When the video came out the chatter  got even worse.  Now, she's being sued over it.  Photographer David LaChapelle filed suit against her claiming that the video for S&M uses a storyboard based on his famous photo's.A judge over the case seems to agree that Mr. LaChapelle has a case and recently dismissed Rihanna's plea to drop it.  A federal judge in New York City has rejected Rihanna's motion to dismiss the photographers lawsuit in a recent hearing.

LaChapelle is claiming that some of the scenes in the S&M video re-create images of some of his photo's.  Bottom line, he didn't give his permission, therefore he wants to cash in.

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, Rihanna is getting her props in Italy for being one of the world's successful entertainers.  The Italian edition of Vogue magazine has selected her as its 2011 "Woman Of The Year".  Vogue Italia chose Rihanna because of her triumphant courage to overcome obstacles sighting her dad's drug addiction and the very public physically abusive relationship with Chris Brown.