Wallo is one of those guys you should pay attention to. He is truly motivational and even with the hardships he has dealt with, he is known to spread positive energy to those who need it. I saw this clip and immediately sent it to my son.

Being an aspiring artist himself, sometimes our kids don't want to hear it from us. Every now and then, they need to hear it from someone else who may have a little more experience.

I will tell you the language in the video is a little rough, but sometimes it's not about the message, it's the delivery that drives it home. I come across artists all of the time. When I check my email, there is new music from local artists and others trying to come up, as well. I try to keep it real with them and let them know they have to work and really need to develop their brand. Get exposure from the use of social media and continue to work on getting heard, not only in your own home but around the world.

If you are an artist who is trying to make it or even looking to help someone else make it, you should take a few minutes and listen to the video from Wallo. I truly believe it will put that flame under you and inspire you a little bit.

Artist don't take it as people don't respect you or want to help you. However, you need to utilize some criticism as positive motivation to work harder at what you are trying to accomplish in your career. I am always willing to listen to music and offer my opinion on things that you need to do or that may help you. I am also working on something pretty soon. Make sure you guys stick around as it could be beneficial to you and your career.You can also follow Wallo's podcasts and peep out more of his game that he is feeding to the masses in hopes of inspiring them.

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