The last month has been a whirlwind for Chris Brown as his life was unexpectedly in turmoil after Baylee Curran, a former beauty pageant winner, accused the singer of pulling a gun on her on Aug. 30. Curran, who earned the title of 2016 Miss California Regional, was partying with Brown in his home before calling police and claiming serious accusations against him. Following her tips to police, Brown's home was then featured in a live stream by news outlets for several hours. The singer was ultimately arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and then released on a $250,000 bond. To describe Breezy's last month as rough would be an understatement.

Through all the drama, Brown maintains his innocence telling ABC News on Sept. 6 that although the situation has defaced his character, the truth will soon be set free. “I’m glad that all my real supporters know me and they know the truth and they’ll see the truth,” the singer said. Chris Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, additionally dismantled Baylee's story telling the Los Angeles Times on Sept. 1 that the singer has been "fully cooperative" and that no guns were found in the search by police. “It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Geragos shared.

A ton of celebs have also come forth in support of Breezy since the incident. Ray J, who was at the home at the time of the alleged assault, called Curran's claims completely fake. “I’m real upset about today. I’m not happy with how things are handled, and how people can take a false story and blow it up into something way more than what it should be,” Ray J posted on Instagram on Aug. 31 . However, 50 Cent took a way less amicable approach. “This Bitch was trying to steal something got kicked out then called the cops see,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram along with a snapshot of a TMZ headline. “Smh you can’t make this shit up. Lol.”

While at first Baylee's story seemed honest, former associates and a shady past have led many to question her authenticity. The decrowned 2016 Miss California Regional winner claims she was in Brown's home admiring a diamond cross necklace that a jeweler was showcasing then Brown got bothered that she was too close to the jewels. He later pulled a gun on her. She was then allegedly asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which she refused, and left.

Curran's story has wavered from touching the jewelry to not, leaving many to believe some of her accusations are suspicious. Friends of hers have additionally come forth with text messages in which Baylee was allegedly attempting to set up Brown. A former roommate of Curran's said she has a history of lying about assault. Baylee is also the prime suspect in a 2013 hotel theft in New York City.

These last weeks days have been unbelievably tough for Chris Brown and while many are quick to write Baylee Curran off as untruthful, her testimony can not yet be ruled out. As the story unfolds in the media, here's a timeline above to keep up on it all.

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