Regardless of how you are, you have to be a fan of video games. Imagine sitting in front of the television and getting upset when the ghost ate up "Pac Man" or we got hit with the barrels from "Donkey Kong". Well Adam Sandler has taken it to an entirely different level with his latest movie called "Pixels" where the video game characters come to life. Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie.

Pixels Movie Trailer Starring Adam Sandler:

I could not help but laugh when I saw this because I remember being the bad dude behind the joystick, but if they ever came at me, how would I handle it. Of course some folks will not like it, but I really think this movie is going to be focused on the adults, alot of the games now are not fun like they used to be and the imagination doesn't exist.

The movie should be dropping sometime this summer and I am sure it's going to do well at the box office for Adam fans as well as video game junkies like myself.

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