Today in Tha Wire a rash of home invasions are taking over the L.A. area. Thieves are reportedly making Hollywood's elite their main targets. This year alone celebs like singer Alanis Morissette, the NBA's Derek Fisher, to the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.  Don't know how they made it past Cezars dogs, but all these high profile stars have had their homes burglarized.  TMZ reports one star in particular has been hit twice!  Listen to the Breakfast Club crew as they breakdown all the burglaries going on.

The Lakers basketball superstar, Nick Young's, gotta be feeling pretty played right about now.  The NBA baller was the victim of a home invasion for the second time in three years.  According to news reports his previous home in Los Angeles was robbed in 2014. Back then, the bandits made off with roughly $100k in loot.  They even took his Yeezy 2 Red October's!  Cold blooded right?  Everybody knows Nick has a love affair with his shoes.  Peep his collection below!

Yeah...ol Swaggy P is very serious about his kicks.  Well unfortunately enough, the star was robbed again.  This time around, it was kinda his bad.  Police are saying the crooks gained entry to his house, by going through an unlocked back door.  The robbery took place last month and this time around the robbers really got him good.

TMZ reports they stole an estimated $500,000 in jewelry alone!  In addition an entire safe, which was loaded with a variety of other valuables and about $30,000 in cash. Wow, what a heist!  For Nick's sake, I hope authorities can catch these criminals.  Clearly these are no run-of-the-mill crackhead crooks.  These guys know what their doing and it's quite possible they are the same crooks, that robbed the other celeb homes in L.A.

More money, more problems.  As always we'll follow this story and if any other details arise, you can get the scoop here.  Tune into Tha Wire exclusively on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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