The Louisiana Department of Health announced this week that all 64 parishes across the state will be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. According to reports, Louisiana will have the vaccine in limited supply for the initial rollout. The vaccine will be available at various hospitals, urgent care centers, dialysis providers, and home care facilities. The statewide breakdown will include 406 providers.

Participating COVID-19 vaccine distributions locations across the state are as follows:

  • 7 Rural Health Clinics (RHC's)
  • 23 Federal Health Centers (FQHC's)
  • 28 Community Health Centers
  • 55 Hospitals
  • 55 Healthcare Sites
  • 118 Independent Pharmacies
  • 143 Pharmacies Chains

To find a COVID-19 vaccine provider near you, go to the Louisiana Department of Health website,, for a full list of providers or call 211. For more info on how to make an appointment, click here.

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