Every child should watch the timeless holiday movie. It's about a young boy embarking on a magical Christmas Eve journey aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS. During the special adventure to the North Pole, the child learns the value of friendship, the meaning of bravery, and the spirit of Christmas.

The story is magical, heartwarming, and encourages us all to just...BELIEVE.

As luck would have it, you and your family can board this magical train and experience the movie in person. I can tell you, it's fabulous! The Conductor reads the classic children's book, as THE POLAR EXPRESS leaves the station and heads to the North Pole.

Throughout the journey, passengers can enjoy the movie reenactment with all the characters, the songs, hot delicious coco, a fantastic musical performance, and a magical visit from old St. Nick! All you need is a little Christmas spirit.

If that sounds like fun, round up the family, get your tickets, and pack your finest Christmas pajamas. Catch the legendary POLAR EXPRESS at the Galveston Railroad Museum in Galveston Island, TX. Here's a sneak peek of the train and what families can expect.

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