Advances in technology continue to move rapidly day by day, making it somewhat convenient to go about our daily routine. From a cell phone, we are able to pay bills online, schedule a ride (Uber, Lyft, Taxi), book a flight or hotel, or sell your junk on Ebay and the Facebook Marketplace. Cellphones have become the microchip that many feared would one day be implanted beneath their skin.

Amazon continues to wow the world with their technological advances and ways to improve how you receive the products they ship around the world. It’s awesome to order a new pair of headphones on Friday and receive them on Sunday. Amazing, right?

Now comes the electronic commerce company’s next advancement, a grocery store with no cashiers, a project in the making since 2012. This is better than self checkout, it’s called “Amazon Go” and it will be a reality in 2017 when it’s first test store opens in Seattle, where Amazon is also headquartered. .

Amazon Go is a new kind of store featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology. No lines, no checkout – just grab and go! - Amazon

Amazon’s first grocery store boasts “Just walk out technology,” where the customer walk’s in and grabs food from the shelves and walks out. That’s right, no checkout line to stand in. Your cell phone is logged into the stores network where it's connected to your Amazon Prime account. Sensors and artificial intelligence tracks the items the customer picks up, and if they put it back it removes itself from their virtual cart on their app, said USA Today. Mind blown yet?

Everything is charged to your Amazon account once you leave the store.

Though I did not see this coming, Amazon’s latest announcement comes as no surprise to me, at all. We’ve had self checkout lines in grocery stores for over a decade now. The real reason I’m not surprised is because of my recent experience at Sam’s Club with their “Scan & Go” app. I walked into the store, scanned the items I wanted with my cell phone and paid for them without going through a register. I just showed my digital receipt to the employees at the door and I was on my way home in no time. I love it!

Amazon’s latest advancement means one thing for me if it catches on nationally. So long bad customer service!

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