Singer Angie Stone according to TMZ got into verbal words and physical altercation with her daughterDiamond. According to Angie her daughter punched her in the face and apparently from there she lost it.

Angie picked up a metal stand and hit her daughter without actually realizing the impact of the hit. The daughter commenced to coming after Angie when this happened and the fight was eventually broken up.

Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez
Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Angie Stone has been booked on Aggravated assault, while the daughter Diamond was booked but also released later. Having issues with the family is obviously not something we like to see. This is even more critical when there are families in the public eye. I am hoping that they can get things sorted out and worked on so they can get back to putting out good music.

Angie Stone- No More Rain In The Clouds: