Nipsey Hussle was a true artist to the core. He literally got it out the mud with no assistance from any major co signs and he still represented where he came from til the very end. The first time I heard about Nipsey was through various media publication and he got praises for being the next big thing to come from the West Coast.

I downloaded some of his mixtapes and I was hooked. He had a sound that no one else could imitate and he told a story in everyone of his songs and made you feel like you were in the passenger seat of his ride rolling through the hood. Unfortunately his time here on earth was not meant to be for a lengthy amount of time and we lost what I would like to say was a very powerful and needed voice for our youth.

While being at his own clothing store that he opened in 2017, he was gunned down along with two other men who are listed as in serious condition. The young man was only 33 years old and while he had released several mixtapes. He just released his first official full length album Victory Lap and also got a Grammy nomination for Rap Album of the year.

He leaves behind two beautiful children and girlfriend Lauren London with whom he had been dating for years. There are alot of conspiracy theories floating around on social media. But the fact remains that we lost another contributor to the Hip Hop Culture and he was well on his way of doing other big things not only in his community but others. Let's remember the man for the great music that he released and celebrate his short but very influential life.

Nipsey Hussle Talks 30 Questions with Lauren London:

Nipsey Hussle- "Double Up":

Nipsey Hussle- "Status Symbol":

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