I remember back in 96 right after Dr. Dre left Death Row Records there was plenty of talk of where he would be going after his stop there. Many wonder if he would actually be able to continue the streak of success that he once had with Eazy- E and Suge Knight.

He released The Aftermath Presents compilation that featured plenty of great artist including some new ones that Dre was working on. One of the songs from the album was East Coast Killa/ West Coast Killa. It featured two of the best from New York like Nas and KRS- One, also B-Real and RBX. The album didn't do well but it propelled Dre back into the spotlight with production and introducing artist like Eminem and 50 Cent and The Game.

Fast forward to today a picture was circulating with Dr. Dre and KRS- One together. It creates speculation that there may be another musical collaboration in the works. I can only imagine what the music is going to be like since the guys are more seasoned now and are really at the peak of the success.

The new kids will think that this is something new, but here is the video of them when they all worked together back in the nineties. I can't wait to see what the future will hold for these legends.

"East Coast/ West Coast Killas":

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