This is Hurricane season and in Louisiana we have to be prepared not just during the season, but all year long. While there are more critical months then others, we need to always make sure that we have things in order for the homes, cars and for the potential of having to leave our homes for other destinations.

We are now facing another situation this weekend and it's called Tropical Storm Harvey. But according to the latest updates, it will be a Hurricane before all is said and done. There are already signs that folks are getting prepared with water being sold out in various locations including some of our favorite stores. This is one of the first things to go as water is a necessity when it comes to Hurricanes. We have had to use bottle water for drinking and sometimes bathing depending on how bad the storm.

Make sure you have plenty of food and try to refrain from being on the road over the weekend if not necessary. I hope that jobs will be a little more understanding as well because the roads here in Lake Charles seem to flood with a few drops of rain in various areas.

Of course all you have to do is keep it locked here for the latest updates on road closures and businesses and schools closures as well. We'll be giving out the information on the air and right here at 107

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