This morning I was woken up by two phone calls back  to back. Ironically one said Spam Risk and Telemarketer. Non while this is not the first time I received a spam phone call. This is the firs time that I received an actual name with the call.

It made me want to inquire about how many people are getting these spam phone calls and right after I posted it. I had two comments in my section. This is annoying to say the least. Imagine applying for a job and they tell you that you will be receiving a call within the week with a follow up. You wait by your phone patiently only to get a call answer it and it's a autobot telling you about some taxes that you are overdue with.

The Federal Trade Commission has an option for you to get out of these annoying situations and potentially put a rest to those calls from now on.The sad part about this is the numbers are no longer out of area or foreign numbers. They are familiar numbers you may know or at least numbers from your local area.

However you should also be weary of emails as well. About a week ago I got a email from a person I knew and they asked to get in contact with me. I passed my number to them and got a text saying they couldn't talk but would be texting me about something they needed me to do. This was already pretty odd as this person and I had a pretty good relationship when we worked together previously.

The text went on to ask me to do them a favor and buy 5 Ebay gift cards at $200.00 a piece which I declined and blocked the number. I haven't heard back via email, but I could have gotten duped out of $1,000.00 if I would have went through with the request. Be careful out there. There are just some people who have nothing but time on their hands and want to take advantage of good people like you and I. If it doesn't feel right, don't have any parts in it.

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