Video footage capturing a White Cobb County police officer arresting a 12-year-old rapper named Lil C-Note, has gone viral, which has sparked outrage regarding how the officer handled detaining the boy with alleged excessive force.

In the video, you can see an officer holding onto the boy, who has since been identified as 12-year-old rapper Corey Jackson, and keeping his arm in a strong hold. According to reports, the rapper, who previously made headlines for an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during which his entrepreneurial spirit won over viewers across the nation, was apprehended by police for trying to sell his CDs at Cumberland Mall in Georgia. The incident reportedly took place on Oct. 6.

During the incident, which was filmed by Corey’s aunt, the police offer tells the pre-teen, “You’re about to go to jail. You’re going to go to a youth detention center if you don’t…” Lil C-Note tries to break free of the officer’s grasp and the cop appears to get more physical with him, leading the boy’s aunt to plead with the officer.

“He’s got his rights,” she can be heard saying off camera. “He’s not doing anything right now sir. I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him.”

From there, the camera seems to fall from the aunt’s hand and an altercation can be heard taking place, with the clip ending with a view that looks as though the aunt has fallen to the ground. As reported by CBS46, Lil C-Note and his aunt were arrested and charged with felony obstruction, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

According to police, Lil C-Note tried to run once being approached by the officer at the mall, resulting in the cop to grab his arm. Police also say they have given Lil C-Note a criminal trespass warning twice before. The arresting officer is still reportedly on active duty while they conduct an internal investigation.

At the time of this report, the video has been viewed more than 300,000 times and counting online, raising suspicion and fury regarding the officer’s behavior in the events leading up to the arrest of the 12-year-old and his aunt.

According to new reports from Channel 2 Action News, Police Chief Michael Register is defending the actions of the officer, saying “he was within his rights.”

During his appearance on The Ellen Show last year, Lil C-Note performed for the famed talk show host, as well as explained the importance of spreading positivity, an outlook that has since earned him the title of motivational speaker and philanthropist in addition to aspiring rapper.

Watch video of Lil C-Note's arrest and appearance on The Ellen Show below.

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