Here they go again.  It’s round two and it looks like things are once again about to get real ugly in the between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster, who filed legal documents to re-gain primary custody of the couple’s two boys.  In light of a swimming pool accident in which their son 5-year Usher Raymond V, nearly drowned on Monday.


Wasting no time, Foster’s lawyer, Angela Kinley, filed court papers at a Fulton County, Ga., courthouse the very next day stating, “the children are at risk while in the care of third-party caregivers…while (Usher) travels around the world for his work-related activities.”

ABC news played the chilling 911 call. The audio reveals that Usher’s aunt, Rena Oden, was unable to free the child and that two men working on the house managed to bring him to the surface and perform CPR.


With Usher's son getting stuck in the pool drainage when he tried to get his toy, pool safety is being discussed on a national level again.  James Worsley, the director of Parks and Recreation Department, said all public pools in Columbus, Georgia follow the Pool and Spa Safety Act, also known as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act that was passed back in 2007. This legislation requires most public pools to install up-to-date pool drains to prevent any suction entrapment or injuries that can occur from drains.  Virginia Graeme Baker was a seven year old girl who drowned from suction entrapment due to a faulty drain cover in a hot tub drain in 2002.

Ed Saidla, program manager for the West Central Health District, warns If you have a pool you need to be aware of this danger and someone in the household should learn how to operate the swimming pool, properly perform CPR, and conduct other safety procedures in case there is an emergency.  Saidla added, "most public pools comply with the Pool and Spa Act, but private pool owners should think about switching to use these drains that comply with the act.

Most private pools or old pools use the old drains where suction accidents can definitely occur."  Though draining all the pool water to perform this task might be costly, "It's worth it," Saidla said.  The most important thing is that parents tell their children NOT to hang out around the drain of any pool or hot tub.  Educate them and make them aware of how truly dangerous it can be.

Meanwhile, as Usher's son continues to recuperate, his ex is seeking an emergency hearing to regain custody.  More details is below with Tha Wire



Finally, it's been a busy few months for "October's Very Own", Drake.  He recently dropped to singles from his upcoming album , ‘Nothing Was the Same'.  Drizzy, recently put it down in his home-town of Toronto with his annual OVO Festival.  Now, he's gracing the cover of XXL magazine.  Listen to Tha Wire and find out what he has to say about being rap star, the pressure of the game and what he thought about the weird Amanda Bynes‘ obsession.



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