I am sorry to hear that shortly after 6:00pm Central time Monday evening, Atlanta’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, announced on Twitter. that she just tested positive for COVID-19. If that is not bad enough, her husband and at least one of her sons also tested positive. She told CNN’s Chris Cumo the news came as a complete shock.

She explained she thought the symptoms they were experiencing were caused by annual allergies and never thought it had anything to do with the virus.

The mayor decided to get tested after her husband had been sleeping since Thursday of last week. She told CNN he has been asleep for days. In addition, her symptoms were light and included a headache and a slight cough. Mayor Bottoms said both of her children suffer from asthma, and she is concerned about the one who tested positive. So far, all of them are fine, and we are praying it stays that way for them.

The first-term mayor has had a difficult go since taking office. The killing of Rayshard Brooks turned the city upside down and racial tensions are high, adding to weeks of protests. Angry residents called for arrests and charges be made against the officers responsible for the shooting. Some police are refusing to answer 911 calls, and to top everything off, an eight-year-old child was killed over the Fourth of July weekend.

We are praying for an end to the violence and sending condolences to parents/family now morning the loss of their child and certainly wishing Mayor Bottoms and her family the strength and blessings of a speedy recovery.

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