Clearly, backing a trailer down a boat launch isn't as easy as it looks.

Or does the guy in this video make it seem harder than it really is?

Either way, this funny video has been on YouTube since 2012 but I came across it for the first time this week. With the warm weather comes the boats, swimming and fun in the sun for residents of south Louisiana and backing up a trailer of any type is almost a requirement in our area—especially if you plan on partaking in any of the aforementioned activities.

A YouTube user by the name of Dean Guidry uploaded a video giving his buddy a hard time as he tried his best to get a boat trailer down a boat launch. Based on the sign, it looks like they are near the Butte La Rose exit off of I-10 and he spares no punches in the NSFW video as he provides hilarious play by play of the "backing down a trailer" fail.

He eventually lends a helping hand, but kept the cameras rolling the entire time for our enjoyment.

I would hope by now that his buddy is backing up trailers like a pro.

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