Today in Tha Wire, baseball card company Topps pays tribute to Hip-Hop and Pharrell is set to guest star on the Simpsons.


(Photo by Thomas Levinson/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

TheBoomBox reports Topps, the worlds biggest baseball card company, is paying homage to Hip Hop with a special card series.  The '2015 Topps Series 1', will not only feature some of your favorite rappers, but also those who threw the first pitch at major league games.  Yes, including 50 Cent and Biz Markie.   Who can forget 50's horrible pitch at Shea Stadium before the Mets game last year?  Or Biz Markie's, who's first pitch for the Oakland A's didn't even cross the plate?  They'll probably go down as the worse baseball throws of all time.

These cards are going to be really cool and if you happen to be a collector, you gonna wanna pick these up.  Speaking of which, listen to Tha Wire below and find out when they're going to arrive in stores.

Pharrell Williams- photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images

Finally, The Simpsons family will get a special visit by the one and only Skateboard P next month.  Super rapper/singer/producer//songwriter/fashion designer and currant Voice coach, Pharrell, will star as himself on a special episode about starving artists.

According to the upcoming Fox comedy is titled “Walking Big & Tall.”  The plot is actually based on the true story about a Milwaukee TV station in the 80's, which hired a composer to write a city-pride song.  In the process of writing the new anthem, he ends up shopping the same song to other cities.  When the town of Springfield learns their official song is a carbon copy of many other cities’, Lisa, Pharrell and his hat, pen a new song to save the day.

Believe it or not, The Simpsons is in it's 26th season and the program still holds the record for being the long-running American sitcom on TV.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out when it's going to air.  Plus get more details on when the new Topps Hip Hop cards are coming out and what celebs are celebrating birthdays.