When 107 Jamz first came on the air one of the first artists that I met was Max Minelli from Baton Rouge. He was a part of the Concentration Camp which consisted of Lay Lo, C-Loc, Young Breed, Boo The Boss Playa, and Boosie in his beginning career. Max is Baton Rouge and has really been working hard to keep the name as a staple in the music world. While nationally he never reached the ranks of Kevin Gates and NBA Youngboy, Max Minelli is truly a legend in the game.

He has been influential with many other artists and I am sure if you compare his style lyrically to some of the others in the game, he can hold his own. I have literally seen the brother come after another performer on stage and hold the audience's attention from the beginning until the end. He is releasing a documentary that he has been working on for a couple of years. True to form he is continuing to show love to the city of Baton Rouge and introduces many to the place that is known as Jigga City, how the sound came to be, and the artist and producers who created the movement.

If you are interested in checking it out in theaters. Check out the date and time for the premiere of 'Diamonds in The Dirt'.

Check out one of the songs that I was talking about that had Baton Rouge jumping in the clubs back in the day. Big shout out to Max for putting on for his city and showcasing the talent for the world. I am still waiting on him to release some new music soon, even though he says that he retired from the music game.


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