Who says you can’t stage a family getaway during a pandemic? You can absolutely do a family vacay in spite of the COVID-19 crisis and stay safe all at the same time. First, you can’t think about travel like you’re used to because nothing is normal right now. Pivot your summer 2020 travel ideas. Theme parks and cruises might not be the best options right now, but what about taking a drive to state parks near you?

You’re gonna need to do some research due to COVID-19 restrictions, but if you’re time frame is flexible, the family vacation is salvageable. Below, take a look at various travel ideas you and your family can enjoy right here in Louisiana.

*Louisiana state parks and historic places are open like Sam Houston Jones State Park, Fontainebleau State Park, Mandeville and Audubon State Historic Site, and St. Francisville. Click here for a list calendar events. Click here for travel advisories. For National Park schedules and advisories, click here.

*Take the family to the zoo, like the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center, the Zoo of Acadiana, or the Alexandria Zoo and enjoy various trails or hikes.

*Another great option is renting a decked out crib through Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway. Have fun in the sun at a home away from home. Rent a property with a great pool or awesome Louisiana beach houses with access to a private beach so your family can quarantine and remain socially distanced from others.

*Rent an RV, go fishing, and camp under the stars in Louisiana. There are plenty of RV/mobile home rentals across the state. Plus, this is a cool way to travel and start a new family tradition.

*Stay home and tour America’s greatest parks virtually. Want to see national parks without leaving the couch? Now you take virtual tours at parks like Yellowstone National Park or National Mall Cherry Blossom and watch wildlife through park webcams. For that matter, explore different parts of the world through Google Earth. There are also nine amazing tours from Google Arts and Culture.

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