It hardly seems possible, but the grapevine is just sure that new mommy and daddy Beyonce and Jay-Z spent upwards of $200,000 to celebrate the first birthday of their adorable and questionably-named bundle of joy, Blue Ivy.

We don’t want to believe it because all we got for our first birthday was a face full of cheap frosting, but perhaps the rumors don’t lie.

First of all, the tabloids tell us that the lucky Blue Ivy marked her first year of existence by receiving a very expensive custom Barbie doll. The $80,000 gift from her parents was encrusted with 160 diamonds and also included white gold jewelry. (But since it might be a doll she’s not allowed to play with, maybe she isn’t such a lucky little girl after all.)

And of course, every tot should have $96,000 worth of white and pink roses at her coronation first birthday party. Because she’s totally going to remember that. And naturally, that cake we all know she smashed into her cute baby face with her chubby baby fingers cost about $2,400.

The guests of the totes non-spoiled R&B baby also lucked out. The kiddies received toys and accessories totaling about $32,000 and the adults got goodie bags with concert tickets and personalized gold pens with both theirs and Blue Ivy’s name on them to commemorate the event.

This isn’t really a surprise coming from 2012’s highest paid celebrity couple in the world (move over, Brangelina). They spent more than a million bucks on the kid's nursery alone, so it stands to reason that birthdays would also be an embarrassment of riches.

And, seriously, they’re going to spend a fortune in therapy bills making up for that name.

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