Beyonce may be pregnant but that hasn't slowed her hustle down.  B has a few irons in the fire and looking to expand her brand.  For starters she has a wealth of experience behind her so, it's  only natural for her to follow in her dads footsteps and manage a few artists.

Secondly, Beyonce is looking to create and form a boy band.  So, if you got some talent......heads up the hunt is on.  Third, it's full steam ahead as she and her mother are gearing up to unveil new designs for their House of Dereon Fall collection.  Be on the look out, the mother-to-be is definitely keeping her self busy.  Not to mention the fact that she is still on and off the road promoting her fourth studio album "4".

Recently B took a little time out of her busy schedule and told the Associated Press "I am starting my company, my label. I see so many male artists building these empires and passing their knowledge on to other artists and development.  I see myself doing the same thing and hopefully other younger artists when they grow up and they have been around for 15, 20 years, they can do the same thing."

So, look for much more from Beyonce including a new baby in the coming months.