Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles seem to be back in good graces after a picture of the pair was posted on Instagram by her mom Ms. Tina Lawson.

Many were surprised that the entire family was together again, especially after hearing the Lemonade track "Daddy Lessons" where Queen Bey elaborates on a dad warning his daughter to avoid men like him. Then relating her own relationship, singing “You remind me of my father, a magician. Able to exist in two places at once. In the tradition of men in my blood, you come home at 3AM and lie to me. What are you hiding?”

The rumors have been circulating for years now that Bey and her father's relationship was no longer after he cheated on her mom and had a child with another woman. Tina and Matthew later divorced in 2011.

Now those issues appear to be a thing of the past as the whole Knowles' gang was in attendance at Beyonce's 'Formation' World Tour stop in Houston on May 7.

Mathew addressed the public perception of his relationship with Beyonce in an interview with Watch Loud after the premiere of Lemonade on HBO. He explained he doesn't care what people took from the video.

"I choose to let the press say whatever they want and let people say whatever they want. It’s nobody’s business how much I see my daughter or my grandkids, that’s something personal that I care not to share."

Mama Tina also posted a picture of Mathew with Solange and his grandson.

Can you feel the love?

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