Beyonce, a thief? No way, right? Well, the Grammy Award winner is currently wrestling a lawsuit that was filed against her by a background singer claiming she stole his lyrics for her song "XO."

According to Radar Online, the background singer, Ahmad Lane, filed a lawsuit against Beyonce, her music company Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records last year, which stated that his song stolen by the former Destiny's Child member. The story behind the alleged stolen lyrics stems from Lane working with one of Beyonce's background singers, Chrissy Collins. After working with Collins, he gave her his song "XOXO" to listen to and he claims she passed off his music to Bey, allowing her to take it for her own personal use.

Bey isn't too happy about the accusations placed against her. The singer told the court she has zero desire to steal anyone's songs because of her impeccable resume. She explained that because she has "17 Grammys and 118 million records sold" that she doesn't need to stoop that low.

Earlier this month, the "7/11" chanteuse clapped back at his lawsuit and dubbed it "vague and cryptic." According to Lane, Beyonce "allegedly copies the first four bars of an eight bar melody that is looped" and that the record "contains a four note sequence that is similar to the four note sequence." Beyonce's attorney debunked those claims and said that Lane's song was about "being horny" and "wanting to love every inch of the lover's body," while her record encourages the "celebration of love and life."

Currently, Beyonce is seeking a dismissal for the $7 million lawsuit in hopes that Lane doesn't earn a dime from the case.

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