Big Boi's new video for "In the South" is a fun, animated journey that'll only give you  more appreciation for the funky tune.

The track is off Big Boi's latest effort Boomiverse, and it features the newly married Gucci Mane and the late, great Pimp C of UGK. In the clip, you'll see all three rappers driving around in a convertible, while images of dancing speakers, women and an array of colors float in the background.

Each rapper is drawn perfectly too, and the artist nails their face details, as well as their fashion sense. It's also nice to see Pimp C again, even though its in animation, which Big Boi talked about.

“It was a cool way to have myself, Pimp C and Gucci Mane all together," he recently told Yahoo! Music. "I mean, with Pimp C not being here, it was just a cool, fun way to showcase all of us together and imagine what it would look like.”

The new "In the South" video follows the ATLien's visuals for his song "Chocolate," and "Mic Jack," featuring Maroon 5's Adam Levine.

You can peep the new "In the South" video above.


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