During the weekdays my mornings consist of waking up to take my dog out and making sure we both get some grub in our stomachs before I head to the track for a run or a workout at the gym. On some days they're both consecutively a part of my workout routine. Tuesday, October 31, 2017, was no different until I arrived at the track. [smh]

There are normally several people at the track and field when I arrive, but today there was only one person there. An older gentleman was walking the track in the opposite direction, which may come across as odd to some, but who am I to judge? Getting yourself there is always half the battle, so I don't care what direction he walked in. We waved hello to each other and kept it moving, and it wasn't very long before he wrapped up his walk.

lzf / Think Stock

Meanwhile, I'm getting my headphones and my playlist together before I begin my walk. Most days I stretch, but today I was like "Meh. I'm just walking, I'll stretch when I get to the gym." Sidenote: I should have stretched anyway, but whatever. 

Now I have the entire stadium to my self, so I thought.

I tend to wear one headphone pad over my left ear and the one on the right slightly off so I can still hear my surroundings. I don't need anyone or anything sneaking up on me. I never want to say I was so focused with my headphones on that I couldn't have avoided an accident for myself or some else for that matter. Call me Safety Sadie, but better safe than sorry.

Now back to the story. As quick as I had turned around, someone had slipped in and started running the bleachers. Quite the treacherous workout, so I wanted to look and see who was braving it today. Ok, I'm nosey, so what?!

Here's where it gets interesting. When I turned around there was no one there! I froze for a moment and disregarded the noise because I'm a man! Who am I kidding? My inner child looked a little like the photo below.

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I tried playing it cool, but then it happened again, but this time I was able to focus my eyes on something that turned my inner child from the photo above to the photo below.

Eric IsselÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂée / Think Stock

It was the just wind blowing against a loose footboard.

Family Guy / FOX

On top of all of this, I'd forgotten it was Halloween. I got my three miles in and left, never to tell anyone of my potential "close call" with a haunted sheet. A haunted sheet of aluminum, that is. Yet and still, here we are.

My life, your entertainment. Happy Halloween!