During the weekdays my mornings consist of waking up to take my dog out and making sure we both get some grub in our stomachs before I head to the track for a run or a workout at the gym. On some days they're both consecutively a part of my workout routine. Tuesday, October 31, 2017, was no different until I arrived at the track. [smh]

There are normally several people at the track and field when I arrive, but today there was only one person there. An older gentleman was walking the track in the opposite direction, which may come across as odd to some, but who am I to judge? Getting yourself there is always half the battle, so I don't care what direction he walked in. We waved hello to each other and kept it moving, and it wasn't very long before he wrapped up his walk.

young woman runner tying shoelaces on sunrise birdge road
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Meanwhile, I'm getting my headphones and my playlist together before I begin my walk. Most days I stretch, but today I was like "Meh. I'm just walking, I'll stretch when I get to the gym." Sidenote: I should have stretched anyway, but whatever. 

Now I have the entire stadium to my self, so I thought.

I tend to wear one headphone pad over my left ear and the one on the right slightly off so I can still hear my surroundings. I don't need anyone or anything sneaking up on me. I never want to say I was so focused with my headphones on that I couldn't have avoided an accident for myself or some else for that matter. Call me Safety Sadie, but better safe than sorry.

Now back to the story. As quick as I had turned around, someone had slipped in and started running the bleachers. Quite the treacherous workout, so I wanted to look and see who was braving it today. Ok, I'm nosey, so what?!

Here's where it gets interesting. When I turned around there was no one there! I froze for a moment and disregarded the noise because I'm a man! Who am I kidding? My inner child looked a little like the photo below.

No title
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I tried playing it cool, but then it happened again, but this time I was able to focus my eyes on something that turned my inner child from the photo above to the photo below.

donkey (4 years)
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It was the just wind blowing against a loose footboard.

Family Guy / FOX
Family Guy / FOX

On top of all of this, I'd forgotten it was Halloween. I got my three miles in and left, never to tell anyone of my potential "close call" with a haunted sheet. A haunted sheet of aluminum, that is. Yet and still, here we are.

My life, your entertainment. Happy Halloween!

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