Neyo recently swapped the studio for the classroom in February when he served as the guest principal of a school in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.  Now, Big Sean has jumped on board to do the same!


Don't let anyone tell you that you don't need an education to be successful.  It's a lie!  The " Get Schooled Foundation" is doing their part to not only bring about awareness, but doing their part the get kids excited about school and graduating.  To do so, their enlisting some famous people to drive home the fact that education is the key to success.

Big Sean has teamed up with the  Get Schooled Foundation's "Wake Up Campaign", aimed to boost graduation rates among high school kids by arranging for them to receive daily alarm calls from their favorite celebs.  It's pretty cool actually.

Big Sean ditched the mic today to be principal for a day in his home town of Detroit at Lincoln High School and showed off his teaching skills.  Sean said of the experience, " Showing up to school, all day, every day, is one of the most important things students can do to reach their educational goal and to go on to success later in life.  I am so proud of my hometown of Detroit for tackling attendance issues head on and I am so excited to celebrate the achievements of the students who worked so hard throughout the attendance challenge."

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