This picture speaks volumes about what this guy's WTF moment must have felt like. Yikes! I wonder what had the dog so pissed off? Lol! Hey, sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying. Life is interesting. There is no doubt about it. It can be funny, rewarding, moving, shocking, embarrassing, unpredictable, devastating, sad, overwhelming, and downright crazy sometimes.

I guess that's where the phrase " Taking life day by day" comes from. No matter how much we plan or schedule things, something out of the ordinary always has the potential to happen and catch us off guard. For example, Will Smith slapping the crap out of Chris Rock on national TV. Now that...was a WTF moment!

With 2022 coming to a close, here's to all the crazy WTF moments that took us by surprise. For all the times this year when a WTF moment left us frozen with our jaws locked open in disbelief. The following videos are to allow us to relive those unbelievable moments in 2022 that left us no other choice but to utter...WTF!?

Some of these WTF moments didn't happen in 2022, as it says. We'll allow it anyway because there are some WTF-worthy moments captured in this footage. By the way, the Biggest WTF Moments of 2022 Part 2 is coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the finale!

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