On Friday after a long day of working. I was hit with the news about the passing of rapper, Beat Boxer, entertainer and all around good guy Biz Markie. It took me a couple of days to write about it because it seems like every other week, my generation is losing a lot of artist that we loved and came up with. Biz Markie was still fairly young, dying at the age of 57, and leaving behind a wife and kids.

I remember as a teenager seeing the video for The Vapors. It was a rags to riches tribute of Biz and his friends and how many around them didn't believe in them. By the end of the song, each person recognized in the song had gotten a better life and those who didn't believe were now believers. This song and video resonated with me as I was an introvert when I was younger. I used to be infatuated by radio and the voices I heard and wanted to be in that spot. Unfortunately, with me being a little shy, I had to finally wait my turn as I couldn't muster up the nerves to approach someone about wanting to be in the business.

Over the years I have followed Biz Markie from creating one of the biggest crossover songs ever with Just A Friend and seeing him be featured in Men In Black, taking over Satellite radio and becoming the DJ you needed to have at your event. This one hits hard as I never got the chance to meet him, but I was always a fan. Before Notorious B.I.G, Heavy D or Rick Ross. Biz Markie made being a big guy cool. If you had a little sense of humor and could make them laugh. You may possibly become the life of the party and could be the guy who many wanted to be around. I have talked about us getting our health in check and making sure that we make ourselves a priority. Over the years Biz had lost weight due to his bout with Diabetes and was getting himself in better shape. However, sometimes it could be too late.

This is what we are currently dealing with now. Biz Markie made Hip Hop funny and allowed us all to be able to enjoy music and literally be able to recite his rhymes word from word and I still do till this day. Biz Markie will surely be missed. I am just happy that we still have the music and the memories. Let's send up a major prayer for his family an make sure we take care of ourselves. We have so many people who are depending on us to be there for them as well as ourselves.



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