Personally I think that all roads should be leading to your nearest movie theater for the upcoming movie "Black and Blue". The movie spotlights a rookie cop played by Naomie Harris who just started with the police force. With her first few days she comes up on corruption within the force when she walks upon a murder.

The movie follows when she is shot and is being chased by not only the police, but the entire city as her name is put out for a bid on her life. I feel like anyone who has had to deal with corruption with police and even those in law enforcement themselves should support this movie.

Check out the trailer below for Black And Blue:

There are apparently entities that are trying to keep this movie from being show, but I believe that this is just something that is shedding light on a bigger issue. We don't have a problem with all in law enforcement, but the problem definitely is for those follows those who don't speak out against their peers who are suppose to be here to protect us. Black and Blue comes to theaters October 25th, lets get out and support this new movie

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