The things going on in this world can be sickening sometimes. We have racism going on all over the world and now with this upcoming presidential election. It seems to be more of a division this unification. When will it stop and what are the steps to making things a little bit better for us over here. When I saw this video it was a little disturbing at first. We live in a country where we should all be entitled to whatever we choose within reason and there shouldn't be issues over fashion. color of skin or music we choose to listen to.


This young lady who is an African American stopped a Caucasian male in the hall ways at their school and questioned him about wearing dreadlocks. She wanted to know why and I have to ask why not. I didn't know that would be an issue. Back in the day there was a group called the Young Black Teenagers who was backed by The Bomb Squad and Public Enemy. Their music was cool to listen to and they really talked about having fun while still touching on certain subjects. What is amusing however is that the group was made up of 5 young Caucasian men. One of the main guys in the group Kamron went on to play in House Party 2 with Kid N Play and his dreadlocks were pretty serious. I personally feel that this is sad, but I want you all to check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

There needs to be better understanding of self and we need to learn to live in this world together as well as work together. I feel like she was wrong for pulling on this young man and for accusing him of something that I don't feel she had a reason to be beefing about. Again share with me your thoughts and how you feel like it should have been handled.

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