I am a music junkie. Whether it is when I come to work and jam all day long or I am in the gym, I have to have my music on deck. For me, one of the best things created to listen to my music were Bluetooth headphones. We all know how much of an inconvenience it is to use headphones with the wires getting caught up on the equipment and throwing us off.

When Bluetooth headphones were created, it allowed me to focus more time on the workout and less time untangling things. Well, whether we need it or not, the word just dropped today that Bluetooth glasses have officially hit the market.

The new company is called Flows. The initial glasses were created to allow you to work out, drive, or do any other tasks or duties for the day while listening to music and still be aware of your surroundings. Honestly, I feel like this is a great idea. There are many who like to work outside and depending on their locations, there could be a lot of traffic or compromising situations that could place them in harm's way.

Check out the site Get in FLOWS and find out more information about the product. I am looking at getting a pair and will try to have a review when I get them back. It's just another way to alleviate the excuses of exercising outside and keeping yourself safe.

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