A Boosie BadAzz concert in Gardena, Calif., ended in gunfire Friday night (Nov. 3), leaving two people wounded.

Boosie was performing a show at a motorcycle club when things went left. According to TMZ, shots starting popping off around midnight. By the time police arrived, people were understandably frantic. Officers reportedly, "took a report for assault with a deadly weapon."

The two people who were shot are believed to have suffered non life-threatening injuries. Other people suffered minor injuries during the mayhem. According to police, multiple fights broke out during the show. The report states no arrests have been made in the shooting and police are still looking for suspects.

Boosie is definitely no stranger to his concerts and other events getting out of hand. Back in April, one of his shows in Virginia was cancelled after shots rang out before the show even started. The Baton Rouge, La., rapper was mad AF. "Kinda pissed off," he vented on Instagram afterward. "I was supposed to be in Dinwiddie at the car show. They started shooting. They started shooting again. So, I wont be allowed to go. Now all these girls walking in the hotel. 'I ain't going to Boosie show they be shootin' too much. They gone start shooting.' Shut the fuck up, bitch I'm mad."

In February, a man was killed in the vicinity of a video shoot the rapper had in Florida.

Check out video of the California show before things got scary below.

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