Boosie BadAzz is in his feelings after being mistaken for Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav at the airport.

On Saturday (April 3), Boosie hopped on Instagram to explain the awkward encounter he recently had that left him pissed off. "I was just in the fucking airport, lady come talking ’bout, 'Flavor Flav!' I don't look like no damn Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie," a clearly perturbed Boosie explained to his IG followers.

Though hilarious to think that someone would mistake BooPac with the Flavor of Love star, Boosie was not entertained. He surmised it was the bright red glasses he was wearing that made the woman mistake him for the "911 Is a Joke" rhymer. "That's why I don't where these damn red glasses," Boosie added. "Fuck. Got me fucked up early this morning. Too early for this shit. 'Flavor Flav!' I kept fucking walking. Flav, you can't fuck with me, man. Talking ’bout I look like Flavor Flav."

In other Boosie-related news, the outspoken rapper has made headlines twice recently. Last week, he went viral after a video surfaced of him smacking a man in the face at a corner store. It turns out the smack was all a part of a music video Boosie was recording with DaBaby for the song "Period," and the man on the receiving end of the slap was paid $554 for his troubles. The video may have resulted in the temporary suspension of Boosie's Instagram account.

Late last month, Dwyane Wade thanked Boosie for continuing the conversation about his daughter coming out as transgender after Boosie was critical of the decision last year.

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