Bow Wow has confirmed a longstanding rumor that Chief Keef is banned from BET. The rapper, who hosted BET's 106 & Park at the time of its cancellation in 2014, revealed that Chief Keef is banned from the network.

"BET banned sosa," Bow Wow wrote on Instagram. "I was fighting to get sosa on 106 it was no go from the uppers. They really black balled him from mainstream its crazy."

Chief Keef's issues with BET began back in 2013, when he was not allowed to perform at the BET Awards. The Chicago rapper released a video where he ranted about the network.

"Man, fuck BET!” Keef said. "We out here, man. If we go to the BET Awards, chains getting took. Bitches getting fucked. They mommas getting fucked. Steal, pregnant, everything."

Chief Keef fueled the rumors in 2014, when he spoke about his banishment with a fan on Twitter.

"BET banned me along time Ago Becuz I didn’t attend 106 Cuz I ain’t fuckin feel like it!" he wrote in February 2014.

Chief Keef's issues in the industry have not stopped him from making moves though. The rapper has expanded his skillset by dabbling in production. His longtime producer Young Chop even said that Keef would handle the production of Chop's next mixtape.

"He going crazy on the beats though," Young Chop said of Chief Keef's skill behind the boards. "His beats raw as hell."

Chief Keef and Young Chop began working together again in April. Fans got to hear their first track as a reunited duo a few months later when Keef dropped "Light Heist" produced by Chop.

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