It seems like the pattern of Bow Wow grabbing the attention of social media is picking up again, as the entertainer is following up the #BowWowChallenge from earlier this month with more controversy. Just a couple of weeks back, the 30-year-old rapper was caught posting a stock photo of the private jet he claimed to be taking and quickly got roasted for it. Now it's an Instagram Live video that people are talking about it.

While filming his Las Vegas suite during the live stream, the rapper ended up kicking at least one girl out of his room after they were hanging out with him and his crew. Bow Wow put the camera on the scantily-clad women throughout the stream when one of the ladies opposed the rapper filming her face.

"Fucked up on your shot. You try to cheat and pull that shit in my city. I can't fuck with no scary ass," he says in the vid. "I don't do that scary shit. She wanna follow me, but she scary though."

When she refused to show herself for the Instagram Live session, Bow Wow began to argue with her, claiming she must have something to hide if she doesn't want to be on camera. He then questioned her and her intentions being around the rapper, pointing out that she previously wanted to film him on her Snapchat account earlier in the day, making it suspicious that she wouldn't join his Instagram Live. "She might have fucked with a Toronto rapper," jokes Bow Wow as Sahbabii plays in the background.

"All I'm saying is this. Don't put me on your Snap [if you ain't gonna] be on Instagram Live. She ain't show her face. She ain't even bad enough to show no face, nigga. Fuck her. I don't give a fuck," he reiterates. "This is normal shit for us. I'm being respectful. I could be disrespectful. I'm being respectful. She been Snapchatting niggas all day! I could be like, 'I don't wanna get on your Snapchat,'" he continued.

As things began to escalate between the two, Bow Wow eventually walks the girl to the door of the suite, kicking her out of the room altogether.

"No matter where, I'm the King of this shit. Niggas can't do what I do. I'm bringing you entertainment at its finest," he tells his followers.

The 15-minute live stream was saved and uploaded by a user to Youtube, with the argument beginning around the 7-minute mark. Things start to escalate at the 11-minute mark right before the woman is kicked out.

Peep the live stream of Bow Wow kicking a girl out of his Vegas hotel suite in the video below.

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