This whole this is a mess and it looks like it's gonna get worse before it get better.  Once things for sure, police are currently investigating the situation and 5 people were injured including one club goer.Speaking of which, she's a 24 year visiting from Australia named Hollie.  Here's her story:



Hollie has filed a police report and there's no word as to whether or not she's going to sue for damages, but it very likely.  According to TMZ, Chris Brown has reportedly given a statement to the NYPD in regard to the fight, which  left him with a gash on his chin and seriously injured one of his bodyguards, Big Pat. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Brown's celebrity lawyer, Mark Geragos, has handed over unspecified "physical evidence" that allegedly implicates Drake and his camp as the aggressors in the fight.

As previously reported several witnesses said Meek Mill got things cranked up by tossing a bottle at Chris, however Meek has denied those reports.  As far as Drake is concerned, it looks like he is also denying any involvement in the fight too.  However, it's looking more and more like that's not entirely true.  Though several accounts said that Drake didn't physically hit Chris, they are saying that Drake initiated the melee.

Jeff Robinson, speaking for Brown’s camp, told CNN, “Chris and his party are cooperating with New York authorities who are pursuing this incident further.”  While reps for Drake told CNN, "Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began. He did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

That being said, TMZ is reporting that Mark Geragos presented evidence to the NYPD on Thursday that allegedly showed that Drake and Meek were the aggressors, just hours after Breezy spoke to cops.  Police say neither Chris nor Drake are currently suspects in the case and the Chris is in fact being treated as a "witness and a victim."

A video purportedly showing the brawl also emerged on Thursday on YouTube.  Though it's not possible to make out who is involved in the fight, a DJ can be heard saying that the party will resume shortly.  At one point Big Pat, (Chris Browns bodyguard) is scene in a white tank covered with blood talking to club security an as they appear to be looking at his wound, someone from Drakes camp comes out of VIP and sucker punches him and then runs out of the club.

In other video footage Meek Mill was spotted walking down the sidewalk, while Chris Brown takes off his shirt before getting into a black SUV.  Drake is also in the clip, but he is partially hidden in the crowd. Trey Songz was also in the building that night and was also filmed walking out of the club.  The video, posted by We Mobbin DVD, implies that more footage will soon find its way online, for a price, including footage of the actual fight.

More details coming soon.


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