Brian McKnight joins a list that goes back decades of celebrities who've fallen into debt or served jail time behind not paying their taxes.

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The 44-year old artist is also not the first celebrity who hired accountants to keep track of the money and bills, only to find out none of that was being done.  Now the legendary R&B balladeer owes Uncle Sam $1.5 million in back taxes including penalties and interest.  According to TMZ, Brian McKnight filed a lawsuit against Vernon Brown and his firm for basically allowing him to be in debt with the IRS.

Brown’s firm is being accused of ruining the singer’s life by failing to pay the IRS any taxes for almost a decade.  Brian McKnight says his credit is ruined, he has a lien against his house, his music royalties have been frozen, his driver’s license is suspended and because his son shares his name, his license was suspended as well.

Find out how a congressman got involved in his case.  Listen for more details below with Tha Wire.

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In other news, Kelis‘ is working her way back to the music scene with a new single and fourth coming album.  ‘Food’ is the sixth studio album from the 34-year old songstress from Harlem.  The lead-off single, ‘ Jerk Ribs’ takes fans on a personal journey as the singer reminisces about  the joys she had singing with her father back in the day.

By the way, you may have noticed girlfriend has a little theme going on and no it’s not a coincidence.  The 13-track collection actually features food themed songs throughout including other titles like ‘Breakfast,’ ‘Fish Fry’ and ‘Biscuits ’n’ Gravy.’

Speaking of food, as it turns out Kelis is a certified chef and looking to bring her culinary skills to the small screen with her new cooking show, ‘Saucy and Sweet’.  The program will feature the diva serving up her favorite dishes on the cooking Channel next week.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out  when it premieres, plus get the scoop on when she plans on dropping her new album as well.

Last but not least, in celebration of Black History Month, Atlanta’s hottest clothing boutique Wish has released their “Roses” T-shirt honoring African-American trailblazers representing music, sports, film and more.  The collection of graphic tees features the likes of Stevie Wonder and Maya Angelou to Muhammad AliBill Cosby and Spike Lee among others.

The images on the shirts were created by Atlanta artist Makeidric Walker, who sketched all the illustrations in charcoal prior to bringing them to life on the T’s.  Here's a look at how he did it.

If you want to cop one of these wonderful shirts, here's the link to their online store.  So you’ll know the commemorative Black History Month T-shirts by Wish also feature a red rose to signify the love of our black heroes.

In the meantime, here's even more details about all of the above with Tha Wire.