Watch as two brothers prank their sister by making her believe a Zombie outbreak has hit the city they live in. Priceless… The video comes courtesy of Cabot Phillips Youtube account.

"Millicent is getting her wisdom teeth removed… After surgery, she’ll be high on medication,” are the captions at the beginning of this hilarious prank video. Before you know it, Millicent is being driven home and she’s “high on medication,” and the bro’s stage a public service announcement to play on the car stereo.

“The center for disease control in Washington DC has issued a viral outbreak warning, state and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism.”

Yes, these guys thought their prank out pretty well. Take notes.

A call from their mom sweetens the prank, and further strengthened the authenticity of the alleged "Zombie outbreak." When they arrive home, rakes are thrown into the back of the SUV, and the brothers even make their sister choose between taking the cat or the dog. Yes, she choose the cat folks, because we all know that cats rule and dogs drool.

What takes the cake though, literally, is when Millicent is given the choice of which cake to take with them, as one brother asks “We can only take funfetti or chocolate cake, which should we take?” She replies, “Why do we need that if there’s Zombies coming?” Maybe those drugs aren’t as strong as they thought, and she’s slowing catching on. After driving around a while longer the brothers soon inform their sister that there is no Zombie outbreak, and they take her home so she can rest.

I like the way these guys think with their level of pranks. I need to get with my brother to get our sister with a good prank — let’s just hope she doesn’t read this post!