Bryson Tiller continues to deliver new music, this time dropping three new tracks following the release of his "Keep in Touch" collaboration with Tory Lanez. The Louisville, Ky. artist hopped on Twitter on Aug. 25 to drop off the new songs, "Normal Girl," "Leaning" and "Canceled."

"Normal Girl" is an acoustic cover of SZA's song of the same name. Singing over a smooth guitar riff, Tiller flips the lyrics and croons. "And you the type of a girl I'd take over to mama/The type of girl I know your daddy be proud of/The type of girl I wanna turn into a mama."

The second song in Tiller's three-song release is a remix of Tory Lanez' PartyNextDoor-assisted track "Leaning." Keeping the same beat, Tiller blends singing and rapping, spitting, "Girl you know me/Nights slowly, yeah the lights lowkey/And take a little trip, got them flights on me/The flight's on me, it's on me."

But it's not just covers and remixes that Tiller shared. The rapper also released his latest solo track, "Canceled." Produced by Hunga, Tiller raps about the aftermath of a failed relationship over a thumping beat. "I know this shit is easy, I know they want the Fiji/All them niggas thirsty, but you would never hurt me/Not like I hurt you, the shit I do is hurtful/You feel like a damn fool/I wish I had a manual to better understand you ('stand you)," he raps.

In May, Tiller opened up about his sophomore album, True to Self. A follow-up to Trapsoul, the artist said negative fan reactions to his follow-up project made him depressed. "1. i was depressed before i made that album and you can hear it in the music," Tiller tweeted. "2. statistically, we didn’t do that great because of it.. and 3. depression ended in 2017 and i been workin hard ever since. stay tuned."

Listen to Bryson Tiller's "Normal Girl" cover, "Leaning" remix and "Canceled" below.

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