reports California billionaire/political activist, Tom Steyer, wants #45 out of the White House. Steyer is an outspoken critic to the current administration, and will stop at nothing to get President Donald Trump impeached. For decades the founder of Beneficial State Bank, has been a champion for immigration, education, healthcare and a fierce defender of clean energy. He said "Trump's behavior is, and has always been unacceptable." That his "pattern of lawlessness must stop."

On October 20, 2017, Steyer put his money and his reputation on the line and started a petition to have the President impeached. The billionaire philanthropist didn't stop there. He bought over ten million dollars in TV and radio ads to spread the word. Americans are listening, and so far 1.6 million have sign the petition. See his TV commercial ad below:

I seen this ad for the first time last night (Sunday November 5, 2017) on NBC. At first I thought it was a joke, but it's for real! Steyer's ad has already gone viral, and apparently a lot of American's feel it's time for Trump to go. Just 10 days after launching the petition, Axios, reported 1,119,720 people had sign it! If you believe Trump should be impeached, go to for more details. By the way Steyer may be getting ready to sue Fox News, for breach of contract. As no surprise the network pulled his impeachment ad off the air. They claim it was, "due to a strong negative reaction" from their viewers. Steyer's legal team could care less, because they had a legal contract. They sent the network a letter reminding them they "unconditionally agreed" to air the ad. Then called their decision to stop playing Steyer's ad, "a profound failure of journalistic integrity."

With a 32% approval rating, he will certainly go down in history as the worst American President of all time. Many members in Washington, including those in his own party, have denounced his racially charged rhetoric, and unpresidential behavior. News networks like CBS, CNN, to and USA Today have all noted that Trump's message is violent and downright dangerous. Matter of fact, Steyer isn't the first prominent figure to push for the impeachment of #45.

Among the first to call for Trump's removal from office, was U.S. Representatives Al Green and Brad Sherman. Right after his inauguration, The Washington Post reported that watchdog groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed suit against Trump alleging he’d violated the Emoluments Clause. This is a clause in our Constitutions, which was put in place to stop corruption and the collapse of ethics and democracy. Below is more info on that interesting little clause.

Many leaders around the world aren't happy with #45 either. China said Trump's "messing up America." CNBC reported China's official newspaper wrote:

"In the eyes of some Chinese, Trump has made a big mess in America, and the decision to kill the program is just further evidence that the American Dream is quickly becoming the American Pipe Dream."

Britain's Independent paper, urged its citizens not find humor in Trump's antics:

"Don't laugh at Donald Trump sharing that CNN wrestling video: at its core it is violent, frightening and wrong. This is yet another reason why Trump should not be allowed into Britain, despite rumours that he might make a secret flying visit later this month."

Chinese 'chuckle at Trump: State media from CNBC.

Trump is not a popular guy. He's only got at 38% approval rating, with 57% of Americans not happy with what's he doing. The stats get even worse, when it comes to this President's ability to tell the truth. According to PolitiFact Trump only tells the truth 16% of the time, and lies 85% of the time! The NYTimes even did a report the lies he's told called, Trump Lies! Apparently everyone around him has problems telling the truth, because three of his top campaign officials have been indicted by the FBI. Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Trumps foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos have all been charged with 12 counts of conspiracy in the Russian probe investigation. Charges include fraud, crimes of against the U.S., and money laundering with the Ukraine.

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As the FBI's special counsel, Robert Mueller, continue to investigate how #45 got elected, it's clear his people conspired with Russia during the 2016 election. How far they went, and who else was involved will be revealed in the coming days/weeks. The President, told FBI director James Comey, to stop the Russian investigation. When he refused, Comey was fired. Now ironically enough, the Huffington Post is reporting that Conservatives are calling for Mueller's job. New York Times reports the evidence of Trump's people working with Russia to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign is overwhelming.

In August the Washington Post reported 40% of Americans believed Trump deserved to be impeached. That number has only grown since then. An overwhelming amount of Americans believe he violated the constitution, obstructed justice, and lied about working with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election.

Unfortunately for #45, Americans are tired of him blasting people on Twitter, and would like him to just do his job. It's doubtful if that will ever happen though. I prime example of that, is when a Twitter employee actually deactivated the President's account

The meme's and social media's response to the news, was pretty entertaining to say the least. Millions of American's chimed in, giving their thoughts on what the employee did.

Even past presidents are speaking out against Trump and his dangerous antics to divide America. In a recent speech both Presidents George W., and H.W. Bush denounced the President peddling racism and called him a "blowhard."

What do you think? Should President Trump be impeached, or not? Let us know.