Halloween is slowly but surely creeping into our consciousness and over the next two weeks more and more of us will become enamoured with the idea of dressing up. For most of us, a Halloween costume isn’t used to scare, it’s basically used as a conversation starter. And despite the time, effort, and attention to detail that we put into our costumes most of us still are greeted with this question. “What are you supposed to be”?  

With our pets costuming ideas are a lot more palatable. We usually opt for cute when it comes to pet costumes and tend to stay away from the “sexier” side of Halloween. While humans might opt-in on a sexy lunchroom lady or sexy sanitation worker for dogs and cats the choices seem to be a lot more wholesome. That and the fact that most animals have more self-respect than some of their human counterparts. 

Costumed Pooches Prance In Annual Halloween Dog Parade In New York City
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I must admit I personally am divided on the idea of dressing up the dogs for Halloween. As a semi-professional adult, I can tell you I hate dressing up for anything. I hate wearing long pants. So, I feel the discomfort, angst, and anxiety that pets feel when we try to dress them up to suit our self-centred tastes. 

Cotton - Bruce's Dawg
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So, why do we do it? 

Because they’re so darn cute, that’s why. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these costume suggestions for pets that we found while searching online. Some of them I have to admit wouldn’t last more than 30 seconds on my Aussie Shepard Jasper. He would have the costume ripped off, shredded, and deposited in the backyard as part of a revenge poo in less than three hours. 

Your pets might be better trained and more accustomed to wearing clothes, if they are then you’ll enjoy scrolling through this photo gallery of cute pet costume ideas.  

14 Unique Costume Suggestions For Your Dog

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