UPDATE: On Feb. 15, New York Department of Corrections spokesperson Thomas Mailey told TMZ that the cause of Anthony Myrie's death "appears to be consistent with sudden cardiac arrest."


Both Cardi B and Meek Mill are using their platforms to call out Greene Correctional Facility in upstate New York after an inmate died in the institution's custody on Monday (Feb. 11). The inmate's family is reportedly still unable locate the body.

For her part, Cardi used her Instagram account to speak out.

"GREENCORRECTIONAL FACILITY YOU NOT FUCKING GETTING AWAY WITH THIS ONE BITCH!!I remember when I went to visit some one in Green and I couldn’t stop crying cause the C.O beat they face up so bad boy had a black eye for months !!" Cardi wrote in an Instagram post Wednesday (Feb. 13). The post included a screenshot of an Instagram upload from the victim's brother.

Cardi continued by alluding to her own experiences seeing what she feels is the prison's brutality. "And the shit is ya been doing it FOR YEARS AND BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH IT FOR FUCKIN YEARS !!!!If you from Ny and ya have love ones incarcerated ya know about Greens and the mistreatments of inmate !" Cardi wrote.

Meek Mill, who has been very vocal in his stance on prison reform and even started an organization for that very cause, posted the same screenshot later that day, adding, "So no major news platforms gonna cover this????? His family can’t find his body after they contacted his family and said he died in state custody!!! New York speak up!!!"

According to the Times Union, 24-year-old Anthony Myrie was declared dead on Monday after having been an inmate at Greene Correctional Facility since November on drug charges. The state told news outlets that his death was caused during a fight with some fellow inmates, but both his wife and his brother say that is a lie. They believe he died in solitary confinement at the hands of the correctional officers. The two have been sharing their story on social media. The stories are captured in the screenshots that Meek and Cardi have been sharing.

According to their posts, Myrie's wife had a strange call with him on Monday morning and he seemed down. Another inmate's family member called her soon after they got off the phone, and revealed that her husband was in solitary confinement, which obviously contradicts the state's later story that he died in a fight with other inmates. When she personally called the prison to ask, they told her he was in general population.

Later that same day, the prison called his wife back to tell her that her husband was in critical condition, and just an hour later, called again to say he'd passed. The family has yet to receive any information on the whereabouts of Myrie's body as of Friday morning (Feb. 15.)

Check out both Cardi and Meek's posts calling out Greene Correctional Facility below.

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