Cassie is back with a catchy new single called "Love a Loser," featuring G Eazy, which Diddy dropped on OVO Sound Radio. On it, Cassie talks about leaving her partner and being done with all of his foolishness.

"I'd rather lose a lover than to love a loser / Everything you did I wouldn't do it to you / Got my vision clear so now I'm seeing through you / Writing you a letter, I'ma send it to you / Used to put it on ya like the Kama Sutra / Ain't no looking back, I'm like the new Medusa / Got you on a Sunday screaming Hallelujah," she sings.

Later in the song, G Eazy comes in with a personal verse.

"I'd rather lose a lover than to love a loser / Damn, that was my baby, thought we had a future / Next to all these options I would always choose her / But she's fragile, feels like every place I touch I bruise her," he spit.


Take a listen to the new track below.

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